A unicorn; a Jane of all trades.

My dad was a graphic designer for Saul Bass in the 60s. Fifty years later his portfolio pieces look as if they could have been designed today. This is my lifetime goal as a designer and filmmaker: to create work that will transcend time and trends; to create something that will be intriguing 50 years from now.

I've managed teams of creative professionals, providing direction and inspiration to skill sets of all kinds. A razor-sharp attention to detail is a major lesson behind all of the work that my name stands behind. I believe a designer needs be comfortable and confident in order to navigate the creative discovery process successfully.

My skill set includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Print media has always been my first love and I know the lingo and specs like the back of my hand. A B.S. in Graphic Communication from Cal Poly SLO ensures that.
  2. UX/UI experience has evolved from combining my strategic thinking with my clean design aesthetic and has proven very successful in the waste hauling industry.
  3. Web and interactive experience includes a working knowledge of HTML and CSS and a full grasp of the benefits and limitations of web versus print.
  4. Photography has grown from a hobby to a cornerstone of my creative skill set. Projects include portraits, product and event photography.
  5. Film entered my life at the age of 26. A background in graphic design coupled with an eye for photography gave way to a form of visual communication that evokes emotion in its viewers. I fell in love with storytelling.
  6. Copywriting talent stems from my lifelong strength in writing, a knack for wit, and excellent spelling and grammar skills.
  7. Organization is what separates the good art directors from the great. I'm an organized artist (no messy desk!) with the ability to prioritize projects, establish workflows and strategize game plans, all while providing creative direction to an entire team of graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and motion graphic artists.
  8. Years of experience—with major brands such as Vizio®  and YuMe®, non-profits and foundations such as the Annenberg Foundation and The California Endowment, as well as local homegrown businesses—give credibility to my knowledge of effective branding and the psychology of advertising.

I have a wild jackrabbit named BunBun.

I'm in the process of writing a children's book about her.

I believe in giving back.

My work with nonprofits includes a quarterly project that benefits those in need.

Design is just the tip of the iceberg.

My creative skills span a broad range of possibilities. Talents include sewing, crafting, interior decorating and event organization. The sky is the limit, so contact me to discuss how I can help with your creative needs.